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Temperature Control Oil Press

Description of Automatic temperature controlled combined oil press machine:

The automatic temperature controlled combined oil press is built up with electricity controlling part, auto heating and squeezing system, transmission part, oil filtrating system, and machine pedestal.

The electric controlling department mainly consists of air switch, AC contactor, thermal relay, automatic heating, temperature controlled unit, knob switch, and controlling button part, etc.
The auto heating and squeezing department mainly consists of heating part, squeeze cage part and squeeze spiral part etc.
The transmission part includes electromotor, triangle belt, and deceleration box, etc.
The filtration department mainly consists of two filter tanks for alternating using.

Automatic Temperature Control Combined Oil Press Category:

Working principle of Automatic Temperature Controlled Combined Oil Press

Transferred by the triangle belt and decelerated through the deceleration part, the electromotor drives the spiral. The oil plants fall to the first section of the spirals through the feeding part and carried forward toward the direction for the cake out along with the rotating squeeze spirals. As the space between the squeeze spirals is getting smaller, the oil plants are squeezed and the pressure in the press cage is getting bigger. The oil plants fractionates with each other and at the same time the oil plants fractionates with the spirals and squeeze loops. During this process, the oil plants are smashed and generate a big amount of heat.The tissue cells are destroyed and the oil is separated from the oil plants and discharged from the squeeze bars.Then the oil grooves on the squeeze loops. This is the whole squeezing process. The oil plants turn to be cake containing low oil after the oil is extracted out and discharged in thin slices from the circle space between the cake adjuster and the loop for the cake out. The oil extracted from the oil plants gathered on the top part of the filtration vat. Then the oil is absorbed in the vat and the residue is left on the filtration cloth. When the oil in the vat reaches a certain quantity, it can be released (oil in the vat cannot exceed the top level of the observer, otherwise will affect the filtration effect.) The two oil tanks alternatively work, so the oil press can continuously work.

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