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Castor Oil Press Machine

Castor oil extraction machine is composed of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission, and vacuum oil filter. The screw is carburized by alloy steel to enhance surface hardness and wear resistance. The screw platter is ground by the surface grinding machine. It can guarantee oil line precision and improve oil output rate. The castor oil extraction machine’s distribution, automatic heating, and other standard components are all selected from well-known brands, which optimizes machine configuration. The surface of the machine is treated with stainless steel and chromium plating, meeting food hygiene standards.

Characteristics of castor oil press machine:

1. The low-temperature pressed oil is light in color and rich in nutrition. The pure natural oil can be obtained through precipitation filtration. The refining cost and reduces and consumption was reduced.
2. The protein pressed under low-temperature has little damage, which is conducive to the full utilization of oil protein.
3. Low pressing temperature (room temperature 10 ^ C ~ 50 * C).
4. During the pressing, the oil does not contact with any solvent, acid, alkali, bleaching soil and chemical additives. The nutrition and microelement loss of oil and oilseed meals are small and protein content of cake feeds is high
5. High oil output rate -- compared with the old equipment, its normal oil output rate can be 2 to 3 percentage points higher, with an average of 1 to 3 kilos more for every 100 kg of peanut processed. The annual economic benefit is considerable.
6. Energy saving -- At the same output electrical power consumed can be reduced by 40%. Calculate with average every hour save 6 degrees electricity, daily production can save 30 yuan electric charge.
7. Labor-saving -- At the same output, labor can be reduced by 60%, saving about 40 yuan per day.
8. Wide use -- One machine is multi-purpose. It can press more than 30 kinds of oil crops such as peanut, flax, sesame, rapeseed, oil sunflower, cottonseed, and soybean.
9. Pure oil -- Filter residue by vacuum to ensure purity of oil and meet health and quarantine standards.
10. Small floor space -- 10-20 square meters can meet the requirements.

The production process of castor oil press: the castor oil press should be checked on the lubrication condition every 50 hours or so. The oil cup on the reducer should not be short of oil. The bearing in the adjusting screw shaft should be filled with butter every shift in the adjusting screw hole. All lubricating parts shall prevent the invasion of dust and other impurities. The oil quality of the reducer shall be checked once a year. If any deterioration is found, all oil shall be replaced. When the amount of pressing is reduced and, the screw shaft should be extracted. Check the wear of the screw, the strip, and the ring. The worn parts should be replaced in time. At the end of each shift, the machine should be cleaned. It should be maintained before long-term storage. Remove, wash and re-grease the screw and strip, and put them in the dry place.

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