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Main failure and fix methods



Fix methods

Spiral shaft stops rotating suddenly

①Feeding oil plants before heating the press chest.

②The cake for wearing the machine is too dry.

③The cake is too thin and pressure in the chest is too high.

④Oil plants have shells or hard sundries mixed into the oil plants.

①Start to feed until cakes come out.

②Increase the cake's moisture.

③Turn the adjusting bolt clock-wise to enlarge the cake's thickness.

④Husk the oil plants. Screen and clean the oil plants.

Feeding blocked.

No oil comes out.

①The work-sections of squeeze loops and squeeze spirals are coarse.

②Oil plants in the press chest mixed with oil.

③Gaps between the squeeze bars and oil grooves on the squeeze loops are blocked.

④Oil plants have high oil content, need more oil channels to discharge the oil.

⑤Oil plants are too dry when pressing in a hot way.

①Gradually squeeze the cake (except tea seed) mixed with 10% water until squeeze loops and squeeze spirals' work sections become smooth.

②Add small quantity oil residue cake into oil plants to squeeze together. Slowly add the feeding quantity. Can't suddenly feed too much.

③Dismantle the squeeze bars and squeeze loops. Put them into hot water for 10 minutes and then clean them with wire brush.

④Change to press bars and loops with deeper oil grooves.

⑤Insure the right moisture of oil plants.

Cake's situation abnormal

①Moisture too low

②Moisture too high

①Increase the moisture. Shorten frying time.

②Reduce the moisture. Lengthen frying time.

Oil belcher from lockout

①Residue appears between the squeeze spirals' sections and forms gaps.

②Lock nut is loosen.

①Shut down the machine. Dismantle and clean the squeeze spirals' sections.

②Fasten the lock nut.

Low oil output

①Oil plants with low oil content or many impurities.

②Temperature and moisture are abnormal.

③Low temperature in squeeze chest.

④Spare parts frayed.

①Screen and clean the oil plants.

②Adjust the frying temperature and moisture.

③Follow this instruction to increase the temperature of squeeze chest by wearing the machine.

④Change the spare parts.

Hasoilcome out from thedeceleration plate or feeding part (return oil)

①Squeeze bars installed in opposite direction.

②Squeeze bar and loop's oil grooves are shallow.

③Cake is too thin.

④High oil contains, oil can't be discharged in time.

⑤Oil grooves blocked.

①Install the squeeze bar correctly.

②Set the squeeze loop with deep grooves before the 5# loop.

③Enlarge the space for the cake out, increase the thickness of cakes.

④Change the spare parts, choose right squeeze loops and bars suitable for oil plants with high oil content.

⑤ Clean the oil grooves.

Residue cake has oil mark on the surface

①High moisture in oil plants.

②Low temperature of squeeze chest.

③Squeeze spirals and loops not smooth. Feeding not smooth.

④Oil grooves blocked, oil can't be discharged in time

⑤Spare parts frayed.

①Dry the oil plants, lower the moisture.

②Warm the press chest byrunning-in the machine with cake.

③Press residue mixed with water to polish the squeeze loops and spirals.

④Clean the oilgrooves.

⑤Change the spare parts.

Low processing capacity

①Roughsqueezespirals and loops.

②High moisture in oil plants.

③Cake is too thin.

④Squeezespirals frayed.

⑤Oil plants squeezed more than 1 time.

①Press residue mixed with water to polish the squeeze loops and spirals.

②Dry the oil plants, lower the moisture.

③Increase cake's thickness.

④Change to new squeeze spirals.

⑤Use hot way to squeeze one time.

Much residue comes from the squeeze loops

①Squeeze loop and squeeze spiral's grooves are too deep.

②Cake is too thin; Pressure in squeeze chest is too big.

③Squeeze loops are loosen.

④ Oil plants has been squeezed more than 1 time.

⑤Spare parts frayed.

⑥Oil plants is too dry.

①Adjust the positions of squeeze bars and squeeze loops.

②Increase cake’s thickness.

③Fasten the squeeze loop.

④Reduce squeezing time.

⑤ Change spare parts.

⑥Increase the moisture.

Press cages breaks

①Feed too much at the beginning.

②Metal sundries went into the squeeze chest.

③Residue cake is too dry when wearing the machine.

④Space between cake adjuster and the loop is too narrow. Or feeding forcedly.

⑤Oil plants has been squeezed more than 1 time and did not add water into the oil plants.

⑥Begin to feed and squeeze before cleaning the residue in the squeeze chest.

①Feeding slowly. Add feeding quantity only when the feeding becomes smooth and the cake comes out normally.

②Select and clean the oil plants carefully.

③Maintain theresidue cake forrunning in the machine with reasonable moisture.

④Enlarge the space for the cake out.

⑤Increase oil plants's moisture to lower the pressure in the press chest.

⑥Clean the squeeze chest before starting the machine again.

Frame damages

①Reverse the spiral shaft forcedly when it is stuck.

②Reverse the triangle belt forcedly when the spiral shaft stuck.

①No reversing the spiral shaft.

②No reversing the big v-belt pulley forcedly.

Spiral axes break off

①The thrust bearing close to the lock nut has been installed oppositely.

②The hexagonal nut is too tight and pressed the bearing.

①Install the thrust bearing correctly.

②Need appropriate space between the nut's end surface and bearing's end surface.

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