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Walnut Oil Press Machine

Introduction to the walnut oil extraction machine

Walnut oil extraction machine presses the walnut with a screw oil press. walnut oil press equipment can automatically control the temperature. With intelligent equipment, it can press in all seasons. The production will not be delayed. According to the different requirements of oil, the temperature of the crude oil is automatically adjusted, which is not affected by seasons and climate.

The application field of walnut oil press machine:

Walnut oil press equipment is suitable for walnut-growing areas. It can be allied in large oil extraction plants, urban and rural oil extraction workshops, processing plants for imported materials and chain organizations of brand edible oil, agricultural markets, communities, supermarkets, town markets, urban living areas, and other densely populated areas. It is also suitable for small and medium investment entrepreneurs. It can also be used to crush peanuts, soybeans, oil palm, rapeseed, cottonseed, etc.

Advantages of walnut oil extraction machine:

1. The quality of oil is high. The oil smells sweet. The machine presses oil in the 150℃temperature oil. Oil color and flavor will not wear out.
2. Take out more oil and squeeze it out once. This machine adopts the four-stage pressing technology, and Residual oil rate is 1%.
3. Good oil cake, without burnt paste taste. High pressure in the chamber of this machine and pressure step by step, the oil can be extracted without frying.
4. Power Saving. The parts of this machine adopt processing and molding technology, with high finish, low mechanical loss and power saving.
5. It is easy to master. The machine adopts axial force decomposition technology, easy to operate without a lifting rod.
6. High durability and few failures. This machine adopts high toughness and wear-resistant steel. It can process 150,000-kilo oil without moving, with low resistance and good lubrication.
7. It benefits users a lot with less consumption, more output, less power consumption, less labor,  and good efficiency of the material.

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