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YZYX120SLWZ With Water Cooling System Combined Oil Press

YZYX120SLWZ automatic temperature control combined oil press with water cooling, is not only the basic function of oil press and oil filter, but also the function of water cooling system to control the temperature of the oil press’s chamber, avoiding temperature rising too high to damage the nutrition of the oil.
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YZYX120SLWZ With Water Cooling System Combined Oil Press has the models as below:

Model Processing Capacity(T/24H) Oil Press Power(KW) Filtration Power(KW) Temperature Control Power(KW) Oil Content of Dry Cakes(%) Spiral Axes Rotate Speed(r/min) Measurement(L*W*H)(mm) Weight(kg)
YZYX120WZ 6.5 11(poles) 2.2 3.2 ≤7.6 32-42 2120*1350*1890 1200
YZYX120JWZ 7 11 or15 2.2 3.2 ≤6.5 37-45 2420*1700*1940 1180
YZYX120SLWZ 7 11 or15(6poels) 2.2 1.5 ≤6.5 37-45 2420*1765*1940 1280

The series automatic temperature controlled combined oil presses produced by our company is suitable for squeezing vegetable oil from rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, shelled peanut, flax seed, tung seed, sunflower seed, and palm kernel, etc. The product has characteristics of the small investment, high capacity, strong compatibility, and high efficiency. It is widely used in the small oil refinery and rural enterprise.

The series YZYX120WZ combined oil presses has multiple functions: electric machine heater, oil press, and oil filter. YZYX120JWZ is an extended combined oil press with three steps pressure, which is also of high efficiency and low residual oil press, with the pressure in chamber stronger, time of material in the press chamber longer. And daily processing capacity is larger, oil yield is higher, residual oil rate is lower (could be 5.5% under best condition).

1)Electric machine heater can preheat the squeeze chamber and preserve the temperature when the machine is stopped.
2)The oil filter can clean the crude oil in time. The structure of this combined oil press is compact, only requiring a small working place and saving labor.

The model YZYX120SLWZ has an electric heater and a water cooling system to control the temperature of the oil press's chamber so as to achieve constant temperature for oil extraction. It keeps the pressure in the press chamber stable, avoiding temperature rising too high during long time working, and prevents protein degeneration and material coking which could improve the oil quality. A variety of vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, trace elements, and nutrition could be maintained. At the same time, the cake has a higher utilization value. The product has obtained a number of national patents(patent numbers ZL201020677033.7, ZL20142 0279178.X).

Main Features of YZYX120SLWZ With Water Cooling System Combined Oil Press

Below features are based on oil plants above the average quality smoothly and continuously squeezed after such pretreatments as screening, husking, flaking and cooking, etc.

Oil Plants Processing Capacity(t/24h) Oil content of Dry cakes(%) Oil yield efficiency(%) Electricity consumption(kW·h/t)
Rapeseed ≥7 ≤7.8 ≥82 ≤40
Cotton seeds ≥7 ≤7.3 ≥77 -
Soybean ≥6 ≤6.8 ≥67 ≤56
Groundnut ≥7 ≤7.8 ≥92.3 ≤39

The product conforms to the "Technology Standard of Agricultural Spiral Oil Press" under JB/T9793-2013 of the People's Republic of China.

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