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Rapeseed Oil Press Machine

Canola oil press machine is mainly composed of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission, and vacuum oil filter. The screw is carburized by alloy steel to enhance surface hardness and wear resistance. The platters are ground by the surface grinding machine. It can guarantee oil line precision and improve oil output rate. Distribution, vacuum, automatic heating and other standard components, are of well-known domestic brands for optimizing machine configuration; The surface of the machine is treated with stainless steel and chromium plating, meeting food hygiene standards.

Points for attention before pressing of rapeseed oil press machine:

1. Pretreatment of rapeseed
Pretreatment includes crushing, steaming and peeling. The purpose of rapeseed peeling is to remove the main fiber and pigment body, otherwise, it will reduce the feeding value of the seed cake. Leather, on the other hand, is good for solvent penetration. (the leaching can improve the porosity of the blank). In theory, peeling (that is, removing 15 percent of the material) will increase leaching equipment capacity by 15 percent. Remove these black skins before leaching and the oil is lighter. The dry peeling of rapeseed can adopt different technologies, such as pneumatic impact, cracking between rolls or deformation cracking. The deformation cracking effect is the best and oil loss rate is the lowest.

2. Use rapeseed to make oil
Rapeseed is first rolled to destroy the seed layer and rupture the oil cells. The steam stir-fry can rupture the remaining intact cells, improve the oil bead aggregation, increase the fluidity and passivate the enzyme, especially the mustard enzyme. Put stock in steaming in the frying pan, steaming Fried within 77 ~ 100 ℃ 15 ~ 20 min (depending on the rapeseed varieties). In most cases, the oil content can be reduced from 42% to 16% ~ 20% by pre-pressing the rolled and steamed blanks. This prepress process compresses the fine seed cake into a large sheet. The seed cake was leached with hexane solvent to extract most of the remaining oil. Puts leaching pulp steamed off-line (DT) with steam spray treatment of 30 min (temperature is 100 ~ 130 ℃), thereby removing hexane, improve the quality of meal nutrition (by removing volatile mustard glucoside).
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