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After-Sale Service


  • Before running the machine, be sure to tighten the bolts and nuts to avoid the components getting loose.
  • Check if the power source and the size of the lead wire meet the electro-motor’s requirement, and make sure the rotating direction is the same as that indicated on the sign plate.
  • Must clear out the residue in the press cage after finishing squeezing, in order to avoid any fault happening when run the machine next time.
To guarantee the machine's service-life, lubricate the machine as required below.

2. Lubrication

In order not to pollute the oil plants and the cake, the lubrication points 2 and 3 (refer to the table below) should be filled with squeezed vegetable oil, but the tung seed oil can’t be taken as lubricant. The deceleration part should be filled with 8-9 kilograms of N32# machinery lubricant. It is forbidden to start the machine without feeding lubricant, or will damage the gears and the bearings.

3. Notes:

  • Operator needs to be professionally trained, familiar with the squeezing craft and the functions of the machine.
  • Before operating the new machine, fill 8-9 kilograms lubricant oil into the decelerator (N32# lubricant oil).
  • Shutdown the machine when there's no space between the cake adjuster and the loop for cake out.
  • Don't feed before the temperature comes up; the cake mustn't be too thin.
  • Don't put metal impurity into the squeeze chest.
  • Don't put metal stick into the feeding part.
  • Fix the failure in time when spiral axes blocked, otherwise, don't start the machine again.
  • Don't stack the cakes until it cools down below 40℃, otherwise the cakes will be on fire.
  • Take actions recommended previously when meet power failure.

Technique service

We provide constant technical service to customers. Any questions, please feel free to contact us:
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