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Large Oil Press Machine

Large oil press is a large automatic screw oil press, which is a kind of oil press equipment with peanut, soybean, oil sunflower, rapeseed, walnut and cottonseed as raw materials. The large oil press produces more than 3 tons per day and is mainly used for continuous oil extraction in the oil plant. The biggest advantages are high yield, good pressing oil, no slag, uniform thickness and stable performance.

Using method of large oil press:

The press cage of the large oil press is also equipped with a scraper. The blade is further pressed into the chamber and aligned with each spacing ring to prevent the billet from sliding in the chamber and to prevent the billet from returning. In addition, the machine also makes the slag cake surface smooth and clean folder mechanism, and often attached with the steam work, so that the oil can be steamed and Fried and press continuously.

The piston moves upwards which cause pressure and press the cake out of oil. After being pressed, the oil pump stops pressing and the piston falls down. When the slag cake is unloaded from the electric oil pump, the circulating oil circuit system can be formed. At the same time, several hydraulic oil extractors can be operated. Horizontal hydraulic oil extractor has the same structure and working principle as vertical hydraulic oil extractor. However, it has a large area and needs to be equipped with a hammer, pulley or screw mechanism for extracting. Hydraulic oil squeezer has high pressure, high oil output rate, less moving parts, and convenient maintenance. But the working intensity of the loading and unloading of the cake is also greater.

The power sources of the oil pump are divided into manual and electric. It can be divided into vertical type and horizontal type according to the way of putting pressure on the blank. There is an oil cylinder fixed on the base of vertical hydraulic oil extractor, and the cylinder is equipped with a cylindrical piston, and the upper part of the piston is connected with the pie plate. The billet is pre-compressed into a round cake, and the outer ring is folded with 20 ~ 40 round cakes between the plate and the roof, which is separated by a thin gasket with holes, and the drive press screw shaft is composed of several screw and spacing ring sets on the shaft. Each squeezer has certain pitch and screw, and a shaft on the pitch of each squeezer from inlet to the discharging mouth gradually shortened, screw depth becomes shallow gradually, so the pressing chamber volume from import to export decrease gradually, is expected to enter the pressing chamber along the squeezer screw billet level towards the exit, pressure increases gradually, thus the oil out in succession. A gasket is placed between the cylinder cage and the cage to form the oil gap through which the oil is discharged.

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