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YZYX140GX Screw Oil Press

Main features of single screw oil press machines:

1. The screw oil press machines can be widely used in all scales of oil factories, suit for squeezing over 20 kinds of seeds.
2. The screw oil press machines can be worked for continuously 24 hours.
3. The screw oil press machine has advantages of small investment, high working efficiency.
4. Easy operation and maintenance.

YZYX140GX Screw Oil Press
Working principle of Single Screw Oil Press :

Under the combined effects of several forces, such as the pressure generated as the space in the squeeze chest becoming smaller, the propulsion of the revolving spiral axes, the resistance of the multilateral arc curves on the squeeze loops, the extrusion & friction between the oil plants, oil squeezed from the oil plants comes out from the squeeze bars and the grooves of the squeeze loops. The residue is conveyed to the end of the press chest and discharges in thin strips of oil cake from the space between the cake adjuster and the loop for the cake out. Then the whole separation process of oil from oil plants is completed.

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