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Peanut Oil Press Machine

New groundnut oil expeller machine successfully makes up for the defect that the peanut cake cannot be reused after being pressed at a high temperature. In the pressing, peanut will not be pressed into a cake but has been reserved for the whole grain of defatted peanut kernel. In this way, peanut shape, taste, and natural nutrients will not be destroyed. The machine covers an area of 10 square meters, purely physical squeezing. In the squeezing process, any chemical raw materials will not be added. What’s more, it has a long service life. The oil produced is more fragrant. And it doesn’t bubble, popular with consumers.

Product analysis: (1) the characteristics of the new groundnut oil extraction machine: adopting modern science and technology, it is successfully developed through many years experiment. Compared with ordinary oil press, this new hydraulic oil press is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, high added value, no loss, physical press, no chemical raw materials added, no environmental pollution, no waste. It is a traditional alternative product for oil press. It is the new environmental protection food processing equipment.

The innovative function of new hydraulic oil extraction machine of peanut oil: it successfully makes up for the defect that the peanut cake cannot be reused after high-temperature extraction. In the extraction of peanut oil, the peanut is not pressed into a cake but successfully retained as a whole non-fat peanut kernel.

While extracting the native peanut oil, the red peanut is separated from the peanut kernel without damaging the shape, taste and natural nutrients of the peanut. It is suitable for deep processing of all kinds of food. Peanuts can be sold directly. They can also be processed into high-protein, low-fat green food, such as spicy peanut, spiced peanut, fish skin peanut, Japanese beans, peanut butter and so on.
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