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Hot Oil Press Machine

Most of the vegetable oils we eat in daily life are hot pressed oil, that is, the oil is cleaned and broken before being processed by high-temperature heating which causes a series of changes inside the oil: damaging oil cells, promoting protein denaturation, reducing oil viscosity, etc. Oil yield can be increased in this way. But the color of the hot pressed oil is darker and the price of acid is higher. At the same time, high-temperature oil extraction results in great loss of bioactive substances (vitamin E, sterol, Carotenoids, etc.) in the crushing process, which is a great waste of resources.

Take cottonseed, peanut, and sesame as examples, gossypol toxins in cottonseed oil and aflatoxins in deteriorated oil must be refined before they can be removed. The fragrance of sesame oil and peanut oil can only be obtained by hot pressing. So all of these materials need to be extracted with a hot oil press machine.

The advantage of hot oil press machine over cold oil press

1. High output
2. High oil output.
3. Energy saving and power saving. hot oil press machine adopts energy-saving low-speed motor.
4. Advanced technology. The hot oil press machine adopts three-stage press. The oil can be pressed totally at one time. It takes 2 to 4 times for the cold-pressed oil extractor to be cleaned (it also takes more than 2 times for the three-stage oil extractor).
5. Save manpower.
6. Better quality of the oil. The hot oil press can evaporate the water in the oil at high temperature, and the water content in the oil is less than 2%. The water content of the oil pressed by the cold press is 5-7%. In addition, hot oil press can volatilize the harmful substances such as sulfuric acid after the high-temperature action.
7. Oil products are more resistant to storage. The oil pressed by hot oil press can be stored for more than 1 year.
8. The raw oil treatment process is more convenient and the treatment effect is more ideal.
9. Fast heating and high temperature. Within 20 minutes, the temperature of hot oil press machine can reach 150 ~ 160 ℃; And cold pressed oil press need 30 ~ 40 minutes to reach about 90 ℃ by its material friction.
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