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Mustard Oil Press Machine

Mustard seed is still rare in the oil crop which can be used in the oil expeller in China and the plant area is not so large. Mustard seed is the seed of the cruciferous family plant, including black mustard seed, yellow mustard seed and white mustard seed, brown mustard seed, and 3 other kinds. Due to the development of science and technology in recent years, mustard seed has been gradually found in medicine, entering lung and stomach meridian. It is often used to treat cough and wheezing of phlegm, chest swelling, and pain, limb numbness, joint pain, gangrene, etc. In recent years, it has been found that mustard seed contains isothiocyanate, erucic acid, phenolic substances, phenyl, and other chemical components, and has many physiological functions such as anti-cancer and anti-bacterial. Mustard seed processing products are very popular seasoning. Therefore, people gradually began to realize the high value of mustard seeds. Mustard seeds, of course, do the same thing. Hence people gradually realize that mustard seed oil is a good alternative.

Which kind of mustard seed oil extraction machine should you choose? Because mustard seeds are also part of the Cruciferae family, the seeds are slightly smaller than canola. It can be pressed according to rapeseed press method. For example, double - elephant screw oil extraction machine can be. Given the popularity of canola oil in nutrition, the prospects are promising. It is believed that with the increasing planting area of mustard seed, the market of mustard seed oil extractor will expand continuously.

Regarding the price of mustard seed oil extraction machine, welcome to our Guangxin oil extraction machine to consult the technical problems of oil expeller.

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