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Cold Oil Press Machine

Cold pressing is to press the oil directly in the oil press without heating after the oil is screened and cleaned. It is difficult to press the oil thoroughly in such a way at one time. The oil cake still contains oil. Sometimes they are needed because they contain less oil but are not completely free of oil. The advantage of the cold press is that the color is light. When the oil is pressed, there will be no foaming or silting pot. The color is beautiful. The downside is that the oil is not aromatic, and it takes more than twice to press it clean.

The oil press is used when the oil has not been heated or in low temperature before the oil press. The extracted oil is of low temperature and low acid value. In general, no refining is required. After precipitation and filtration, the refined oil can be obtained.

When using the cold oil expeller, the workers must select raw materials carefully. Otherwise, the quality of the cold oil extraction will be seriously affected by the different maturity of the raw materials and the harmful substances contained in the raw materials (such as aflatoxin in the mildew oil and gossypol toxin in cottonseed).

Cold drawn oil has is natural, avoiding the adverse effects of traditional high-temperature oil extraction. The cold-pressed oil retains the natural flavor and color of the oil, completely preserves the physiologically active substance in the oil (vitamin E has the anti-aging function, the sterol has the effect of strengthening the skin and enhancing the metabolic function of the human body). The cold-pressed oil, with the original taste and flavor, is a good choice of healthy life.

Cold press oil expeller is the core equipment of cold pressed extraction. Cold pressed oil is such an oil technology that the nutritive value, the unchanged molecular structure of the oil and the cake were obtained by pressing oil at room temperature to 65℃ without rolling or steaming.

Cold press screw oil extractor can be divided into three parts: the main engine, the automatic feeding device, and vacuum filter.
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