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Sunflower Oil Press Machine

Sunflower seeds can extract high consumption sunflower oil with low cholesterol. With 66% "linoleic acid (ω-6 series fatty acid)", it has the effects of lowering blood cholesterol, preventing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Sunflower seeds are honored as "healthy nutrition oil" in the 21st century, with high nutritional value.

Step 1, heat treatment:
Heat treatment is one of the most important processes in oil extraction. The press of materials after heat treatment is called hot pressing, and the one without heat treatment is called cold pressing. Sunflower seeds are mainly hot pressed. The heat treatment effect has a direct impact on the smooth process of oil production, the level of oil yield and the quality of oil and oilseed meals. In hot pressing, sunflower can be pressed when it is evenly stir-fried until 70% ripe. The oil yield is highest when the sunflower is 70% ripe, and the extracted oil is very fragrant, which can be used as salad oil.

Step 2, press:
Sunflower oil press machine circle squeegee is serrated. Rapeseed. When the rapeseed is pressed, it is squeezed by the screw, and the volume of the space inside the cage keeps changing. At the rear of the cage, there are circular strips, and the inside of the cage is serrated. The billet is pressed and relaxed alternately here, and the structure of the billet is constantly adjusted to uniform turnover. Unsqueezed oil or billets with less oil have more opportunities to be fully squeezed.

Step 3, filtering:
The oil processed by the automatic sunflower oil mill machinery contains certain oil residue. In order to improve its purity, we use the filter equipment to filter the oil residue inside to obtain pure edible oil that can be used directly. Generally, we recommend the air pressure filter which has a heating function. There are less oil foam and oil residue in the filtered oil. The oil is clear, bright and fragrant.

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