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GXLY500 Energy Saving Oil Cooling Machine

GXLY500 energy-saving oil cooling machine uses water cooling theory and copper tube with high heat dissipation rate as heat exchange media to cool oil quickly, by rapid cooling of high-temperature oil filtered(peanut oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil), in order to fasten load oil and shorten the waiting time for users. Users can fill oil in the bottle in them after cooled, no need for spending a long time to wait till hot oil cool down naturally. The working efficiency is raised.
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Specifications of GXLY500 Energy Saving Oil Cooling Machine

Model GXLY500 Energy-saving Oil Cooling Machine
The diameter of oil cooling tank(mm) 500
Power(kW) 192
Capacity each time(kg) 50-70
Capacity hourly(kg/h) 150-200
Water consumption(kg/h) <100
Measurements(mm) 842*502*960
Weight(kg) 52

Compared with the existing similar equipment on the market, the machine has the following characteristics:

1. Small size, low electricity, easy installation, low energy consumption.
2. Has unique water circling device, super water-saving.
3. Inlet and replace water automatically, cool oil automatically, easy operation.
4. The parameter can be adjusted, satisfying different users' demands.

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