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YGLQ600X2 Oil Filter Machine

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  • Vacuum Oil Filter

    Vacuum Oil Filter

    July 10, 2018ModelYLJZ50*1YLJZ50*2YLJZ650*2Processing capacity(kg/h)≥50≥100≥260Filtration area(m2) electromotor power(kW)0.551.12.2Pumping speed(l/s)5915Measurement (mm)790x650x10051280x760x11271372x1228x782Weight...view
  • YXMS500X20 Oil Filter Machine

    YXMS500X20 Oil Filter Machine

    March 10, 2020ModelYBLL320*14YXMS500x20PictureProcessing capacity(kg/h)180500The dimension of the chamber(mm)320*320500*500Filtration area(m2)2.647.7Plates quantity(pcs)1419Main electromotor power(kW)0.752.2Measurement (mm)1150x53...view
  • Air Pressure Oil Filter

    Air Pressure Oil Filter

    July 10, 2018ModelYGLQ600*1YGLQ600*2Processing capacity(kg/h)≥80≥140Filtration area(m2)0.210.42Main electromotor power(kW)1.51.5Measurement (mm)1260x824x10001260x1260x1000Work pressure(mpa)≤0.6≤0.60Weight(kg)185266The air pre...view
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