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What about the Screw Oil Press that Produces Cakes Slowly, without Cakes and without Feeding?

In the production of oil pressing, it is inevitable to encounter such or other minor problems. We should know more about the techniques of oil pressing so as to make the production of oil pressing more smoothly. The above problems are often encountered in production. There are many factors causing this problem, which need to be eliminated one by one. The treatment methods are as follows:

1. Slow and no cake production in screw oil press belong to the same kind of problems. The solutions are as follows:

1). The adjustment of oil residue cake is too thin: the thickness of cake produced by different oils is also different, so we can understand the types and characteristics of oils and adjust the appropriate thickness of oil residue cake.

2). Machine temperature is too high: Excessive temperature here refers to the temperature of the chamber of the oil press. Excessive temperature of the chamber will make the oil in the oil cannot be squeezed out. Because the pressing temperature for different oils is slightly different, it is necessary to lower the equipment temperature and ensure the appropriate oil temperature.

3). High temperature and low moisture of raw materials will result in abnormal extrusion of oil cakes and blockage. The solution is to reduce the degree of stir-frying and ensure that oil contains appropriate moisture.
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