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Oil Expeller Oil Press Knowledge Workshop: Oil Expeller Oil Press Principle And Maintenance

The oil expeller oil press output rate is related to the pressure of oil expeller oil press, the experience of operators, the suitability of pressure regulation of equipment and the moisture and temperature of raw materials. The choice of oil expeller oil press is to choose a reliable, live oil expeller oil press

There are two kinds of oil expeller oil press vegetable oil extraction, one is squeezing method, the other is soaking. First of all, we will introduce the squeezing method. As the name implies, the squeezing method is to achieve squeezing through pressure. Pressing method is divided into two kinds of pressing method, one is static pressing, which is to put plants into the container and exert pressure on one side. In the past, manual pressure was used to power the screw, but now hydraulic pressure is used to power the plant. Another principle of squeezing is to use a screw propeller. Have you ever seen a meat mincing machine? It is this principle that the structure is different.

All machinery and vehicles need to be maintained, and oil expeller oil press is no exception. The maintenance of oil expeller oil press is very simple. You only need to keep clean when using oil expeller oil press equipment. Before and during pressing, you must pay attention to the cleaning of the piston surface, and clean the dirt and oil contamination adhering to the piston surface in time. Always pay attention to the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil in the tank. When filling the tank, it must be carefully filtered. After using for some time, if the oil is found to be dirty, it should be released in time for filtration or replacement of new oil.
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