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Plate Frame Oil Filter

The plate flame filter is suitable for oil production, food processing and chemical industry, etc. It has rationalization structure, convenient maintenance and is also very easy to operate, cleaning residual easier and faster, especially applying with spiral oil press. So it is well welcomed by all the users from every walk of life.
  • Product Description

Plate Frame Oil Filter has the models as below:

Model YBLL320*14 YXMS500x20
Picture YBLL320*14 Plate Frame Oil Filter
YXMS500x20 Plate Frame Oil Filter
Processing capacity(kg/h) 180 500
The dimension of the chamber(mm) 320*320 500*500
Filtration area(m2) 2.64 7.7
Plates quantity(pcs) 14 19
Main electromotor power(kW) 0.75 2.2
Measurement (mm) 1150x530x870 1984x694x1153
Work pressure (Mpa) 0.35 0.35
Weight(kg) 350 1300

Characteristics of Plate Frame Oil Filter:

1. It can be in continuous production in 24 hours.
2. Maintenance is simple. Just needs to change the filter cloths.
3. Low maintenance cost. Only clothes need to be replaced after a long use time. It costs a little.
4. Better filtration effect. The oil filtered is much clearer than other filters.
5.  Energy saving. Only 0.75 KW electricity is enough.

Plate Frame Oil Filter

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