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Ring Gear Roaster

The YHCZ series ring gear roaster is suitable for all roasted seeds and nuts, health products processing, nutrition processing, processing of raw materials, processing of raw materials for roasted coffee beans, roasted chestnuts, fried peanuts, fried melon seeds, fried walnuts, fried sesame seeds, fried beans, fried rice , dried hazelnuts, fried pine nuts, fried pistachio and other dried fruit foods.
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Roasting Machine Application:

Small and medium-sized investment entrepreneurs, oil press mills and factories, fruit supermarkets, food markets, markets, stations, and mobile population-intensive places open stores are now selling, chestnut stores, roasted seeds, and nuts stores.

Ring Gear Roaster has the models as below:

700 800 900 1000 1100
75-100 135-180 165-220 225-300 275-370
1.1 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2
15-25 15-25 15-25 15-25 15-25
25-35 45-60 55-75 75-100 95-125
1565*720*910 1855*900*1020 1855*900*1050 1997*1000*1154 2187*1100*1295

Main features of gear roaster machine:

1. The layout is reasonable, the power consumption is low, the efficiency is high, the safety is safe,.
2. The machine is easy to operate, evenly mix, turn the normal roasted seeds and vegetables in the forward direction, turn the fried chestnuts and sand in the opposite direction, and automatically separate the fried chestnuts and fryers when coming out, which is very convenient.
3. The fried roasted seeds and nuts are good-looking and delicious, and it is a good helper for everyone to start a business.
4. The drum is heated evenly and has a heat preservation function, and the heat efficiency is high.


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