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TLSL100 Monolithic Spiral Conveyor

Our company mainly has two types of conveyors: un-adjustable conveyors and adjustable conveyors. The pipe of the un-adjustable conveyor is a whole one while the pipe of the adjustable conveyor is composed of two or three sections. Users could adjust the length of the pipe by adding or reducing the section number according to the actual request.
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The screw conveyor is a major industrial and agricultural departments mechanization transportation job unit, which can make the shipping work to reduce the intensity of labor, improve work efficiency in a wide range of applications.

TLSL100series spiral conveyor has models as below:

Model Hoisting Height(mm) Conveying Capacity(kg/h)
TLSL100X2120 1740 ≥900
TLSL100X3000 2070 ≥900
TLSL100X3500 2480 ≥900
TLSL100X4000 2700 ≥900

The advantages of TLSL100 Monolithic Spiral Conveyor

1. high-speed conveyor: small diameter, high-speed, variable screw pitch design to ensure that products work smoothly and quickly, feed material on average.

2. Minimum site constraints: equipment shell made of high-quality seamless steel pipe. Each segment is connected by a flange as a whole. Overall equipment rigidity, whether horizontal or large angle can be continuously fed, and directly connected to its supporting equipment fixed without the need of foundation, which has full use of space mobile, disassembly simply, easy and fast.

3. Innovative design: the conveyor for advanced and reasonable design, combined with advanced manufacturing processes and improve the quality assurance system, so that the specific volume is small, bearing torque, low noise, no oil leakage, and other significant advantages.


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