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Maintenance and Common Faults of Palm Kernel Oil Expander Machine

Check the lubrication condition every 50 hours after the palm kernel oil expander machine works. The oil cup on the gearbox shall not be lack of oil. The bearing in the adjusting screw of the through pressing screw shaft of the source shall be extracted from the adjusting screw hole and filled with grease once. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited.

The lubricating parts of the palm kernel oil expander machine shall be protected from dust and other impurities. The oil quality of the gearbox shall be checked once a year. If it is found to be deteriorated, all the oil shall be replaced.

When the press volume of palm kernel oil expander machine is reduced and the cake or oil is not normal, the screw shaft shall be pulled out to check the wear of the screw, the strip, the head and the outlet. The worn parts shall be replaced in time.

After each work, the residual cake in the machine shall be removed and the dust and oil dirt on the machine surface shall be wiped.

When it is stored for a long time after the end of the production season, it shall be maintained once, and the screw, strip and cake head shall be removed, washed, repainted and oiled, and placed in a dry place.
After oil extraction of palm kernel oil expander machine, remove the cleaning residue from the spiral shaft, and wipe the rotary port with dry cloth and cotton swab to prevent blocking.

Palm kernel oil expander machine common faults
The water content of press material is low
The squeezer's squeezer cage makes a rattle, which makes the whole squeezer vibrate;
The cake can't be lumped and broken, and it is dark brown with burnt spots;
The load current of power motor is higher than 30 A;
The oil outlet is moved to the direction of the cake outlet, and there is blue smoke at the cake outlet, the oil outlet is reduced, and the oil colour is dark brown.

If the above phenomenon lasts too long, it will cause major mechanical damage accidents. At this time, it is necessary to immediately reduce the steam pressure, increase the direct steam injection amount in the upper steam cylinder, close the discharge valve, reduce the feeding to the press cage, increase the cake thickness, and gradually reduce the load of the press, and then adjust it to make it return to normal working condition.

The moisture content of press material is too high
1. When the moisture content of the press material is high, the following phenomena will occur 1. There is little feed or even no feed, or the material rotates with the shaft;
2. The cake is loose and soft, with a lot of water vapour. When the cake comes out, it has oil. When the cake comes out, it rotates with the shaft;
3. The motor load drops and the working current is below 20 A;
4. the amount of oil is reduced, the oil is white and froth, and the oil outlet is moved toward the feed side. In case of the above situation, the indirect steam pressure shall be increased immediately and gradually to reduce the injection amount of direct steam, and some slag cake shall be added at the feeding port until the oil press returns to a normal state.
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