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Extraction Technology of Corn Germ Oil

Corn is a plant planted on a large scale in China, and its raw materials have abundant advantages. The fat content of maize germ ranges from 17% to 45%, accounting for more than 80% of the fat content of maize, which is rich in nutrients. Corn oil contains special nutrients, which can protect patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Corn oil is golden, transparent and fragrant. It is quite stable when fried at high temperature. It can keep the original color, fragrance and nutritional value of the dishes.

The processing requirements of corn germ are similar to those of rice bran. It is also necessary to pay attention to reasonable storage, new embryo processing, oil shaping and dewaxing of crude oil. The oil-making process is suitable for one-time pressing or pre-pressing (puffing) leaching of corn germ oil press. In addition, in order to increase the supply of corn oil, a new technology of extracting all kinds of corn oil came into being. In the process of producing fuel ethanol by dry milling of corn, 95% ethanol was used to extract corn oil from dried (or pre-liquefied) corn meal, then degreased meal starch was fermented, and 95% ethanol was reused to extract oil. In the process of immersion production, anhydrous ethanol and corn protein meal could be obtained simultaneously. This process provides a new way to increase the yield of whole corn oil (about 18% higher than that of embryo extraction).
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