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Installation Method of Castor Oil Press

Improving the technology of castor oil press machine is the main development direction of every manufacturer. Because the external processing of the oil press and the demand for all walks of life are different, it is necessary to integrate closely with the actual needs and market situation. Through many innovations, Longsheng Oil Press Professional Manufacturers use modern management mode to complete the type of development of the oil press.

The installation method of castor oil press machine:

Before installation, the newly purchased oil press should be thoroughly cleaned up. Take out the spindle, remove the upper squeezing cage, and polish the screw exterior surface, an interior surface and screw feeder with an abrasive cloth. Adding grease to all lubricating parts and lubricating oil in gearbox shall meet the requirements of specifications. After polishing the round rows, they must be arranged according to their original position when installed, so that they cannot be dislocated, because the arrangement position and order of the round rows have a great influence on the oil squeezing performance. The compression nut is used to compact the row after it is installed. The degree of compaction should be that the disc can wriggle when pressing oil. After the above treatment, the oil press can be fixed on the foundation by foundation bolt. When installing, the pulley of the motor should be aligned with the pulley of the oil press. The position should be moderate, the rotation direction should be correct, and the belt tightness should be adjusted properly.
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