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Working Principle of Cold Press oil expeller and Hot Oil Press Machine

Cold pressed oil has pure natural characteristics, avoiding the adverse effects of traditional high temperature oil processing. The natural flavor and color of the oil are retained in the cold-pressed product oil, and the physiological active substances in the oil are completely preserved (vitamin E has anti-aging function, sterols have skin-healthy function and enhance human metabolism function). The original flavor of the cold-pressed oil is the choice of healthy life. But most oils are not suitable for cold pressing. Gossypol toxin in cottonseed oil and aflatoxin in deteriorated oils must be refined before they can be removed.

The raw materials of cold-pressed oil must be carefully selected. Otherwise, because of the different maturity of raw materials and the influence of harmful substances contained in raw materials (such as aflatoxin in mildewed oils), cold-pressed oils can be cold-pressed without frying in a frying pan. The cold pressed oil has good color and light color, but it does not smell fragrant and does not burn. The key is that cold-pressed oil does not foam when frying, and that it does not silt the pot is its advantage. Cold-pressed oil can also be treated by cold press oil expeller, which is convenient and fast, and has high oil yield.

Hot pressing (cooked pressing) is to press oil after frying in a frying pan. Cooked pressing oil is pure and fragrant, especially sesame, which is rich in oil. The disadvantage is that it will foam and silt when frying without treatment, but this problem can be solved by simple treatment. Usually the hot oil press machine will deal with this problem.
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