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Centrifugal Oil Filter

Centrifugal Oil Filter characteristics:

1. Has the better effect of oil residue separating
2. Easy operation and high efficiency
3. No filter cloth, avoiding washing filter cloth
4. No need to clean the oil residue every time after filtering
5. The oil looks clean and bright after filtering, will not fulfill with the tank
6. YLW150 Automatically clean the dreg, reduce the labor intensity. 
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Centrifugal Oil Filter has the models as below:

Model YLSC430 YLSC500 YLW 150
Picture YLSC430 Centrifugal Oil Fitler
YLSC500 Centrifugal Oil Fitler
YLW150 Centrifugal Oil Fitler
Processing capacity(kg/h) 80-120 120-180 240-340
Revolving speed of rotor drum (r/min) 1460 1246 4015
Main electromotor power(kW) 4 4 3.24
The diameter of the rotor drum (mm) 430 500 150
Measurement (mm) 580x520x930 840x660x900 1060x610x960
Weight(kg) 180 217 237

The YLSC430 and YLSC500 Centrifugal Oil Filter by Guangxin can be matched with our series of oil press machines of YZYX95, YZXY10, YZYX120, and YZYX130, for filtering various crude oil, achieves precise filter result, compared with traditional oil filters.

The precise centrifugal oil filter YLW150 is composed of the rack, centrifuge system, electrical system, transmission, lubrication system, and other components.

Model YLSCSH500
Processing capacity(kg/h) 300-400
Oil gear pump  power(kW) 0.55
Main electromotor power(kW) 4
Heating tube  power(kW) 2
The diameter of the rotor drum (mm) 500
The diameter of the hydration cylinder (mm) 460
Measurement (mm) 1310x560x860
Weight(kg) 260

YSLCSH500 multi-functional centrifugal oil filter is used for processing hydration and filtration to the crude oil, separating oil from dregs. Comparing with single centrifugal oil filter, this oil filter has below advantages:
1 Has a cylinder especially for the hydration process;
2 Has an electric control box, easy operation;
3 Has electric heater, can heat crude oil or maintain temperature so as to ensure hydration result;
4 Has time-delay switch, automatically stop when filtration is finished. And the length of working time can be set and is adjustable;
5 Automatically stir the oil during the hydration process, easy operation and labor saving.

After Hydration in the hydration tank, the crude oil to be transferred into the high-speed rotating drum by the oil pump, the residual and oil adsorb on the inwall of the drum due to powerful centrifugal force. Because the residual is heavier than the oil,  it has more centrifugal force obtained and clings at the closer inwall, thereby there is clean oil obtained on the surface. Then the clean oil outflows from the outlet and the residual are pushed out by the vane on the spiral to achieve separation.


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