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Air Pressure Oil Filter

The air pressure oil filter is a new type of filtration equipment, making use of compressed air as filtration force. The ability is strong. It is suitable to be used in oil production, food production, chemical, and medical industry to filter suspension. This machine has advanced design and reasonable structure. And it is long durable, easy to operate and maintain, especially suitable for rural oil production business and personal oil production business to process supplied material. 
  • Product Description

Air Pressure Oil Filter has the models as below:

Model YGLQ600*1 YGLQ600*2
Picture YGLQ600*1 Air Pressure Oil Filter
YGLQ600*2 Air Pressure Oil Filter
Processing capacity(kg/h) ≥80 ≥140
Filtration area(m2) 0.21 0.42
Main electromotor power(kW) 1.5 1.5
Measurement (mm) 1260x824x1000 1260x1260x1000
Work pressure(mpa) ≤0.6 ≤0.60
Weight(kg) 185 266

Characteristics of YGLQ600 Air Pressure Oil Filter:

1. It makes use of negative air pressure as force, and filter cloth as media, which has high efficiency and good result.
2. Two tanks alternatively working.
3. Easy to operate and clean the residue.


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