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Vacuum Oil Filter

The vacuum pump of the vacuum oil filter, extracts air from the tank, then forms negative pressure. Oil collects in the tank through the filter cloth left on the filter cloth due to the air pressure and the dregs, thus achieves separation of drugs and oil. It’s suitable for oil production, food processing and chemical industry etc. It has rationalization structure, convenient maintenance and is also very easy to operate, cleaning residual easier and faster, especially when applying with spiral oil press. So it is well welcomed by all the users from every walks of life. 
  • Product Description

Vacuum Oil Filter has the models as below:

Model YLJZ50*1 YLJZ50*2 YLJZ650*2
Picture YLJZ50*1 Vacuum Oil Filter
YLJZ50*2 Vacuum Oil Filter
YLJZ650*2 Vacuum Oil Filter
Processing capacity(kg/h) ≥50 ≥100 ≥260
Filtration area(m2) 0.2 0.4 0.6
Main electromotor power(kW) 0.55 1.1 2.2
Pumping speed(l/s) 5 9 15
Measurement (mm) 790x650x1005 1280x760x1127 1372x1228x782
Weight(kg) 120 230 320

Characteristics of Vacuum Oil Filter:

1. The filtrating ability of vacuum is extremely big, thus it can achieve the precise result and high efficiency.
2. No oil left when the filtrating process is finished.
3. Has advanced design and reasonable structure. Easy to operate and clean the residue.

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