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Extraction Efficiency and Precautions of Corn Oil Press

Corn can press oil only by refining its germ. One hundred kilograms of corn can produce 20% of the corn's germ and 45% of the corn's germ. That is to say, one hundred kilograms of corn can produce 10 kilograms of germ and 10 kilograms of germ can produce less than 5 kilograms of crude oil. After the crude oil is produced, it must be refined before it can be used. That is to say, one hundred kilograms of corn oil can have 3 kilograms to 4 kilograms Kg of refined oil.

Matters needed attention
1. There is no special corn oil press.
2. To be exact, it is not corn oil press, and it can not be directly realized to squeeze oil from corn. The usual method is to extract corn germ from corn by dry method or wet method (this refers to processing method), then dry and stir fry corn germ to a certain extent, and then press oil by oil press to get corn oil. At this time, the corn oil obtained becomes industrial corn oil or crude corn oil, which is not suitable for direct consumption.
3. There is no special corn oil press, which is common to other oil presses. Only when corn germ is used to press oil, the pressure is higher than that of common oil materials.
4. Cost
Because the cost of raw materials and power are different in different places, it is difficult to accurately say a value. For ordinary corn (now there are high oil corn varieties): 100 kg of raw corn can produce about 2-2.5 kg of corn oil.

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