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The Difference Between Hydraulic Press And Screw Type Oil Press

Screw type oil press and hydraulic press are two main types of oil press in the market at present. These two kinds of oil press have their characteristics, and they should be selected according to their characteristics as reference. Helix is relatively old, driven by motors through belts, chains or gears, with low efficiency and single control, which is not suitable for complex applications. Hydraulic pressure is more advanced, efficient, small, easy to control, large output, more widely used, slightly expensive.

In the way of oil pressing, screw type oil press produces high temperature through screw extrusion and extracts oil from oil. The hydraulic press uses the liquid as a medium to pressurize oil, to extract oil. In terms of oil quality, the screw press will destroy the nutrients in the oil because of the high temperature when it works, and it needs to be treated by oil cooling. A hydraulic press is a physical way to extract oil, and the quality of the oil extracted is better. When sesame, almond, peanut, and other materials are used, the hydraulic press should be used. In terms of oil yield, screw type oil press has a high oil yield, while the hydraulic press has a relatively low oil yield.
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