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Combined Oil Press: Integration of Oil Press and Refining

Perfect integration of oil press and refinery. The perfect combined oil press filter and the multi-functional screw oil press completely declares that the oil press industry has formally entered the era of integration of crushing and refining. The perfect combination of the two makes the crushed edible oil fully meet the national health requirements and meet the national standards of the first and second grade edible oil.

(1) The oil filter can simultaneously complete the functions of high content dehydration and deep dehydration, impurity removal, degumming, demulsification, acid removal, decolorization and bright oil. It also has the combined functions of molecular filtration, condensation dehydration, box filtration, pressure filtration and vacuum deep drying.

(2) The oil filter adopts fuzzy control technology, with reliable operation and long service life. It has the functions of pressure overload protection, automatic dry prevention, automatic foam elimination and automatic oil level control.

(3) The oil filter can purify on-line synchronously with the unit, and can discharge separated water online (without damaging vacuum); by adding edible salt, flocculent particles are formed by coalescing with phospholipid impurities and colloidal impurities in crude oil, solid impurities, flocculent particles and water are separated by centrifugation principle, and harmful components such as flavin in crude oil are removed at the same time, which is one of the refining processes.

(4) Oil products up to standard: no foam, no smoke, separated oil products up to the national second-class oil standards, oil press operation is simple, no filter cloth, no loss of oil products, no vulnerable parts, the use of low cost;

(5) Fully automatic oil press is convenient for discharging residue, and it can directly discharge residue without dismantling the residue. Refining oil is fast and can run for 4-6 minutes to refine 20 kg. It is widely applicable to rapeseed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil and so on. It is an ideal oil purification treatment device.
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