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Castor Oil Press

The Castor seed, also known as hempseed, is a mature seed of Castor in spurge family. Castor is a perennial herb which is native to Africa. Nowadays, all countries in the world are planted castor, with Brazil as the largest producer. According to legend, castor was introduced from India. Because the accumulated temperature of most of our country is not high enough in the temperate zone, the cultivated castor is an annual crop except in some parts of southern China. Our country is one of the main countries in the world that cultivate castor and produce castor seeds.

Efficacy and Function of Castor Oil: Castor oil is the fat oil extracted from the seeds of castor, which is a plant of Euphorbia. It tastes sweet and pungent, has a plain and poisonous nature, and has the function of slipping intestines and moisturizing skin. It mainly treats intestinal stagnation, abdominal distension, constipation, scabies, scald, and other symptoms.

The oil yield of Castor seeds is 40-45%, so 2.5-2.2 kg of Castor seeds can produce 1 kg of oil.

The castor oil press machine has the characteristics of high automation. It adopts automatic temperature-controlled hot pressing technology and high-pressure vacuum filtration system and is the more advanced oil extracting machinery on the market at present.
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