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Introduction of Automatic Cottonseed Oil Expeller Machine

Cottonseed oil expeller machine consists of three parts: 1. Main engine. 2 hydraulic system. 3. Electrical control system

1) Hydraulic system adopts a new unloading circuit of high and low pressure double pump. It consists of high and low pressure combined double pump, high pressure manual rotary valve, high pressure relief valve, medium and low pressure relief valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, shock-resistant electric contact pressure gauge, etc. It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, universal spare parts, low energy consumption, safety and reliability.

2) Working principle of hydraulic system
Start: motor start, high and low pressure double pump output hydraulic oil through high pressure rotary valve 4 return tank.
Pre-pressure; high-pressure rotary valve to the right, high and low pressure hydraulic oil of double pump through high-pressure reversing valve into the upper chamber of the squeezing cylinder, from the beginning of work. Pre-pressing.

Pressing: after preloading. When the pressure rises to a fixed value, the low-pressure relief valve of the pumping station unloads, and the oil is pumped by the high-pressure pump of the double-pump. When the pressure gauge of the electric contact is set to the pressure range, the motor is cut off. When the pressure drops to a fixed value, the motor starts, so repeatedly squeezed to ensure high oil yield.

Pressure relief: After oil squeezing, the high-pressure rotary valve moves to the left position. The output hydraulic oil of the double pump enters the lower chamber of the oil squeezing cylinder through the hydraulic control one-way valve. The pressure of the relief valve is adjusted to 5 Mpa. After the piston rod of the oil cylinder is withdrawn, the high-pressure valve moves to the middle position and the motor is cut off.

The cottonseed oil expeller machine adopts a thick steel plate structure, high-end atmosphere, stable and strong, durable.
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