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Working Principle of Fully Automatic Expeller Oil Pressing Machine

When the expeller oil pressing machine is running, the treated oil crops can enter the chamber from the hopper, and the oil embryos can be pushed inward continuously by the screw of the crusher. Because the material embryo is in the moving state in the chamber of the expeller oil pressing machine, friction between the material embryo and the material embryo can occur, resulting in relative motion. On the other hand, because the diameter of the screw is gradually increased and the pitch is gradually reduced, when the screw rotates, the screw threads stir the embryo forward vigorously and turn outward. At the same time, the embryo near the surface of the screw thread rotates along the pressing axis, which helps to heat the protein in the embryo, destroy the colloid and increase the plasticity. At the same time, it also reduces the viscous and easy to precipitate, thus increasing the oil yield of the press, so that the oil in the oil can be squeezed as completely as possible, and flow out from the round and strip slots.
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