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Production Process of Hot Oil Press Machine

Compared with the cold oil press machine, the hot oil press machine has a high oil yield and strong fragrance. Before pressing oil, it will stir-fry first.

Production process of hot oil press machine:
Screening Material -- Stir-frying Material -- Pressing Oil -- Filtering Oil
Note: Physical pressing generally does not carry out refining, refining is mostly used for chemical invasion.

1. Screening: Screening the impurities, gravel and metal substances in the oil with a sieve machine.
The function of sieving material is to improve the purity of oil, and to prevent hard material from entering the chamber and damaging the oil press.

2. Stir-fried materials: As the saying goes: seven points stir-fried, three points squeezed. It shows how important the stir-fried materials are. Proper temperature and even stir-frying can not only improve the oil yield, but also make the oil taste mellow and fragrant.

3. Oil Pressing: After frying, oil can be automatically started. But before pressing oil, there is another essential link, that is, preheating. First preheating the chamber, preheating to the appropriate temperature, and then starting pressing. This will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

4. The oil extracted from filter oil by hot pressing is crude oil, which contains more impurities. It also needs to be filtered before eating. In some places brine is added to the filtration process. The purpose is to remove phosphorus.
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