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Application Field and Advantages of Castor Oil Press

Castor oil press is suitable for oil production areas, large oil mills, urban and rural oil mills, Processing with supply material factories and brand edible oil chain organizations, agricultural markets, residential districts, supermarkets, town fairs, urban living areas and other areas with the dense human flow. It also applies to small and medium-sized investment entrepreneurs to achieve wealth accumulation.

Castor oil press can squeeze the raw materials with only one process, which is saving labor and time, high oil yield, low power, pure oil quality, multi-purpose machine. It can process more than 30 kinds of oils such as sesame, peanut, rapeseed, soybean, oil sunflower, flax and so on.

The castor oil press machine is complete, produced by electricity, is easy to operate. It is the necessary choice for the replacement of the oil press industry. For the vast number of urban and rural unemployed and laid-off workers to provide a way to get rich and re-employment.

The advantages of castor oil press are as follows:

Castor oil press is not restricted by climate and suitable for all seasons. Because the oil pan device adopts heating temperature control system, it can automatically adjust the temperature of crude oil according to the environmental temperature to achieve the effect of rapid fine filtration, so it is not affected by season and climate and can be squeezed all the year round.

Castor oil press is made of high carbon steel, which is quenched by high frequency and heat-resistant. It has high hardness, high strength, and good wear resistance. It is suitable for high temperature and high-pressure continuous operation and improves the service life of the castor oil press. It can be used for decades.
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