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Introduction of Hot-selling Household Small Oil Presses (1)

Product characteristics of small oil press:
1. Opening protection
When the hopper cover is opened, the body system is cut off and the safety protection is realized.

2. Stirring function
A stirring rod is installed in the hopper to realize the fast feeding function of various grease particles.

3. Fast oil production time
In the design of oil outlet, full consideration should be given to the characteristics of timely and directional oil discharge. This design allows the grease to flow out in a short time without remaining in the working element of oil extraction.

4. Easy and convenient packaging of oil box and material box
When the oil press is in use, there are feeding boxes at the outlet of the oil press and oil boxes at the outlet of the oil press. After use, the two are combined into one and stored in the shell of the product for easy preservation.

5. Automatic cutting
All feeders are embedded in the oil extracting nut. In the oil extracting process, the oil outlet of the oil extracting nut is automatically cut off by the action of the oil extracting mechanism. Because the cutter is built-in structure without exposure, the cutter is safe.

6. Safety of oil extraction process
A safety cover is arranged outside the heated exposed working element to prevent man-made touching of the heating element and to ensure safe operation.

7. Oil output efficiency
Because of the special design of the structure of the oil extracting working element, the heating temperature and speed are matched according to the design of the program for different materials, and the oil extracting efficiency is about 88%(oil yield/oil content).

8. Functional conversion of oil pressing and grinding
Through the exchange of oil pressing nut and grinding nut, the conversion of oil pressing and grinding function is realized. That is to say, oil-pressing nut is installed to realize oil-pressing function, and powder-milling nut is installed to realize grinding function - that is, 100% powder-discharging, filling the blank of two-function machine without oil-pressing and powder-grinding on the market.

9.Easy to remove and wash the working elements of oil press and grinding.
When the oil pressing nut or grinding nut is removed, the movable working elements can be easily removed and cleaned.

10. Continuous pressing at low temperature
Because of frequency conversion, temperature control and parameter setting program control technology, the stable continuous oil squeezing under low temperature heating and load fluctuation is solved to realize continuous oil squeezing.

11. Oil residue discharging clean material after squeezing, motor running for 3 minutes, can clean the oil residue in the working element, and automatically shut down, reliable and safe.

12. Fat health
Because of the low temperature oil pressing technology which is slightly higher than the ambient temperature, the properties of the oil extracted are equivalent to that of the cold-pressed oil, and the oil is non-oxidized and belongs to pure natural oil. In addition, the time of pressing oil is short, so it can be pressed instantly.

13. DC Motor
Low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency as high as 95%. Low vibration, low noise and high energy saving.

14. Working smoothly
If the machine encounters sudden phenomena in work - power failure, turn on again, do not jam, do not crash, work as usual.

The production process of small oil press is transparent and easy to carry. It can be widely used in small oil press workshop in urban market. Because the small oil press can be processed on site, the oil is transparent from the machine to the oil outlet, which can ensure the purity and good quality of the oil. Consumers can safely eat, thus stimulating consumers' desire to buy, and bringing rich economic income to the oil mill. This will be of great benefit to the development of business.

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