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What should we Pay Attention to when Pressing Groundnut oil? How to Squeeze Qualified Reassurance Oi

Whether the peanut oil is qualified or not depends on the raw material, the operation technology, the quality of the equipment and the storage environment.

1. Qualified peanut is the key to quality assurance.
Aflatoxin is produced by Aspergillus flavus in mildewed and deteriorated peanuts. Aflatoxin is highly toxic, and its toxicity is 60 times that of arsenic.

2. It is related to the experience of operation technology.
The improper operation of the staff, in the process of ripening and pressing, excessive frying will cause peanut paste pot, raw material pollution, and the resulting peanut oil is also unqualified.

3. It is related to the quality of equipment.
The quality of ground oil is also determined by the matching filter equipment of ground oil press.
A better oil filter will filter out impurities such as phospholipids in peanut oil.

4. It is related to storage conditions.
Qualified peanut oil storage four fears: fear of direct light, fear of air, fear of high temperature, fear of water.

In view of the above points, we can:
1. Buy qualified raw materials, do not plan to buy deteriorated peanuts cheaply.

2. Earnestly study the training content of ground oil press manufacturers, multi-operation and multi-practice, and master the technology.

3. Purchase of equipment related to ground oil press should not be cheap. The price of the equipment delivered directly from the manufacturer is lower than 20% of the price of the agent. If you want to be cheap again, purchasing low-matching equipment can only leave trouble for yourself and the oil mill.

4. Oil shop staff should do a good job in storing cooking oil. 1). avoid light. 2). Sealing to avoid transitional contact with air. 3). Don't put it in a high temperature environment. Storage at room temperature is OK. 4). Do not enter the water, seal well to avoid rain.
Therefore, in view of the above several aspects, we need not worry about the quality of the crude oil if we strictly carry out the corresponding countermeasures.
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