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Home Oil Press Becomes a Necessity in Modern Families

Home oil presses have become a member of household appliances, and more and more families use this new type of electrical products. This is a small oil press machine that uses hot pressing or cold pressing technology to extrude food vegetable oil through screw at high temperature or constant temperature. The oil we often use is expensive, not to mention the fact that there are fake oils and leaching oils on the market, which are not good for health. Therefore, home oil presses have become the first choice for self-extracting safe oils, which will definitely become the trend of the times with the improving of life.

Advantages of home oil press:

1. With the emergence of food problems such as waste oil, the problem of cooking oil safety has been exacerbated. The traditional method of squeezing edible oil can no longer guarantee to provide high-quality edible oil. Therefore, various brands of home oil presses came into being to ensure the safety of cooking oil.

2. All-smart home oil presses generally face the majority of families, with low crushing cost, high oil yield and simple operation. Almost all oil crops can be pressed by a small oil press, including peanuts, soybeans, oil sunflower, rapeseed, walnut, cottonseed and sesame.

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