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Introduction of Edible Oil Press

Use range of edible oil press:
Fully automatic hydraulic edible oil press is a small-sized oil press with simple operation, high oil yield and few vulnerable parts to be replaced in mechanical oil press. It is an advanced equipment to replace the manual operation of milled fragrant oil. Because the amount of each squeeze is small (2-8 kg/time) and the time is short (8-l2 minutes/time), it is especially suitable for the consumption psychology of citizens in large and medium-sized cities to spend less money and buy genuine goods. Rural villages and towns can ensure fast processing of incoming materials. The company's edible oil press mainly processes oil crops: sesame, walnut kernels, tea seeds, pine seeds (peeling effect is good), almonds and other high-oil crops.

1. Excellent material and precise technology
It is made of high carbon steel by high frequency quenching and heat treatment. It has high hardness, high strength and good wear resistance. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure continuous operation, improve the service life of oil press, its use time can reach several decades.

2. Reasonable pressure chamber and high oil yield
The principle of multi-stage progressive pressure is adopted to increase the pressure of the press chamber rapidly and separate the oil in one-time fission. Then the infrared temperature control system is used to automatically control the temperature and moisture of the crushing, so that the oil can directly soften and activate the oil molecules, and the crushing is stable, and the oil yield is greatly improved.

3. Temperature-controlled stir-frying, automatic pouring out
The quality of stir-fried materials directly affects the quality and oil yield of oil products. There is the saying of "three-part pressing and seven-part stir-fried materials", which shows the importance of stir-fried materials in the process of oil pressing. The key to stir-frying is the quality and device of the stir-frying machine. Our company's stir-frying machine is driven by gears. All models are equipped with vibration and noise reduction devices. The steel plate and the volume of the stir-frying chamber can be thickened. It can be heated by various heating fuels (coal, electricity, gas, firewood, etc.). Widely heated, quick frying and other design concepts, greatly improving the service life of the frying machine and the quality of fried seeds. Advanced devices such as oil temperature display instrument, reversing switch and magnetic separation function are also assembled, which are easy to operate and highly automated.
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