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Corn Germ Oil Press

In recent years, with the development of corn deep processing industries such as starch, starch sugar and alcohol, corn germ oil press by corn oil press has grown rapidly in the international market, and has become one of the main edible vegetable oil varieties in the world. There are two ways to extract corn germ oil: one is to separate and extract the germ from maize by a maize processing plant, and to obtain corn germ oil press by pressing and leaching with a maize press; the other is to use distiller's grains leaching to produce oil by alcohol processing enterprises. In the oil industry, the technology of extracting oil from maize germ is representative after maize germination. The fat content of maize germ ranged from 17% to 45%, accounting for more than 80% of the total fat content of maize.

The preparation of corn germ oil generally includes corn germ extraction, corn germ pretreatment, pressing, leaching, and crude oil refining. The quality of production technology in each process will directly affect the yield and quality of the product. There are many starch and seed coat impurities in maize germ Degerminated by dry method. The starch impurities will greatly affect the oil yield of germ. In addition, starch in germ reduces oil flow area, blockages oil path, absorbs oil, reduces oil yield, gelatinizes and cokes in the process of steaming, pressing and desolving, and affects the quality of finished oil and meal. The wet germ obtained by wet separation is easy to promote lipase activation to decompose oil, resulting in oil rancidity, acid value height, dim color, poor oil quality, and increase refining loss.
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