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Why is Sesame Oil so Popular with Consumers?

1. The effect and role of sesame oil

In addition to its high nutritional value, sesame oil can also play a role in skin care and blood vessels. In addition, its medicinal value cannot be underestimated.

1) Delaying aging: Pure sesame oil pressed by sesame oil press machine is rich in vitamin E, which has the functions of promoting cell division and delaying aging.

2) Protect blood vessels: Pure sesame oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and palmitic acid, which are easily decomposed, absorbed and utilized by the human body to promote cholesterol metabolism and help eliminate deposits on arterial walls.

3) Relax bowels: For patients with habitual constipation, taking a sip of pure sesame oil with empty stomach in the morning and evening can moisturize the intestines and relax the bowels.

4) Reduce the toxicity of tobacco and alcohol: If people with smoking habit and alcohol addiction often drink pure sesame oil, it will reduce the direct stimulation and damage of smoke to teeth, gums, oral mucosa, the formation of smoke spots in the lungs, and there is also a relative inhibitory effect on the absorption of nicotine. Having some pure sesame oil before drinking will protect the mouth, esophagus, gastric cardia and gastric mucosa.

5) Protect the throat: Drinking pure sesame oil can enhance the elasticity of the vocal cords, make the glottis flexible and powerful, and have a good recovery effect on hoarseness and chronic pharyngitis.

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