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The Difference Between Leaching and Pressing of Edible Oil Processing Technology

1. The difference between edible oil press processing and leaching process

What is the difference between the edible oil produced by the two processing techniques of pressing and leaching? As the name suggests, oil is  pressed by an oil press. Anyone who has been to an oil workshop or visited an oil factory should have seen this equipment.

Because the oil extruded by the oil press machine adopts pure physical methods and does not add any chemical additives, it can better retain the original taste in the oil. The pressed oil is not refined, and the general oil product is grade four, and can reach the first grade oil after refining.

The leaching oil is made by adding a solvent (No. 6 hydrogen oil, n-hexane, etc.) to the oil by immersion. The soaked oil is not directly edible and must be refined by oil refining equipment before consumption. 

Therefore, the biggest difference between the two is: the oil squeezed by the cooking oil pressing machine can be eaten directly, and the leached oil cannot be eaten directly. Another difference is that the squeezed oil has the smell of the oil itself, which can make the fried food more delicious, while the leached oil is tasteless and suitable for high-temperature cooking.

2. Introduction to edible oil press and leaching process steps

Squeezing process of edible oil press

Oil plants → cleaning → separation of shell and kernel → crushing → steaming and frying → oil extraction → clear oil → refined oil

Edible oil extraction process

Oil plants→ cleaning → separation of shell and kernel → rolling embryo → puffing → leaching → refining → refined oil

When buying edible oil, you should not just look at the date of production. You should also pay attention to the processing technology of the edible oil you buy. Try to choose the edible oil pressed by the oil press. At the same time, do not only eat one type of edible oil for a long time. Eat at least two different kinds of edible oils within a year.

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