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Mini-fluidity Oil Press with Labor-saving

The oil press is a device that extracts oil from fruits by mechanical processing. Oil press can be used for processing: rapeseed, peanut, rapeseed, sesame, soybean, etc. The press uses mechanical external forces to raise the temperature, activate oil molecules and extrude oil from the oil. Out of the machine.

In recent years, the rise of various oil factories in the market is mainly due to

1. Low-quality cooking oil, counterfeit, expired and harmful, so people no longer trust a lot of oil, and the previous equipment is simple, mostly cheap oil press. It has the advantages of heavy operation, large area, high energy consumption, low oil production, and poor sanitary environment. Oil press can be used on-site, more assured, hygienic, simple operation of the oil press, occupying a small area. Also, high oil production, labor-saving, labor-saving, pure oil, can be used for a machine. In the past, the equipment was noisy and the noise of the existing oil press was low. No raw materials were added in the production process, which met the standard of green food.

2. Previous equipment did not guarantee edible oil raw materials. Now many genetically modified edible oils are added to other raw materials, so many people are debating shortcomings, so many people prefer to choose their raw materials. The oil press can be filtered directly without heating. Oil rate can also be adjusted.

3. The oil press is low in price, environmentally friendly, easy to use and can be produced after power, so the oil press is a necessary product in the petroleum industry.

4. The oil press is easy to process, fast, it pays attention to quality, good quality, safe use, high production efficiency. Of course, extruder cold press hot press, because some places like to eat fuel, will choose raw material press, and the new raw material press will have a higher oil production, to avoid the loss of nutrients.
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