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How to Choose Cooking Oil?

There are many types of cooking oils on the market, and the biggest difference between different oils lies in the types and composition ratios of fatty acids. Which cooking oil should I choose? The importance of cooking oil is self-evident among all kinds of daily necessities. Studies have found that among the eight essential nutrients for the human body, 70% of the total fatty acids come from cooking oil. Choosing the right oil and using the right oil are essential to health.

1. Peanut oil

The ratio of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids in peanut oil is about 3:4:3. The proportions of various fatty acids are relatively balanced, so the peanut oil belongs to balanced vegetable oils. The peanut oil produced by pressing has a strong aroma and is rich in vitamin E and carotene nutrients. Sesame oil also has a refreshing aroma and is rich in vitamin E, sesamin, sesamol, and plant sterols, which is good for preventing cardiovascular diseases. This kind of vegetable oil has good heat resistance and is suitable for cooking. When buying peanut oil, it is best to choose products from big brands. Because peanuts are easily contaminated by aflatoxin, and this toxin is easily soluble in oil, inferior peanut oil is at risk. Sesame oil produced by traditional pressing method has better aroma and nutritional value, and is suitable for cold salad, dip or soup.

2. Soybean oil, corn oil

Soybean oil, corn oil and other oils are rich in linoleic acid, which belong to high linoleic acid vegetable oil. Soybean oil and corn oil are rich in vitamin E. Soybean oil contains lecithin, and corn oil contains antioxidant ferulic acid ester. This kind of vegetable oil is resistant to heat, and is suitable for stewing and daily cooking, but not for frying.

3. Coconut oil, palm oil

Because coconut oil and palm oil account for a high proportion of saturated fatty acids, they are called saturated cooking oils. This type of grease has better heat resistance and less oxidative polymerization after prolonged heating. Therefore, this type of fat is often used to process pasta and fried food.

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