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Installation Method and Steps of Screw Oil Press Machine

The main pressing parts of the screw oil press machine include round row and rib ring. The bars of the oil press are strip stainless steel parts. The disassembly method is to knock the hammer on one side and take it out from the other side.

Installation method of screw oil press bars: Ring up the bars of screw oil press machine, bring out the oil tank facing down, place a board below, place the bars on the inner wall of the bars, with one end of the deep oil tank facing down. Two adjacent rows of deep oil grooves can not be put together facing each other. Finally, the bars of the oil press are put against the excellent end by metal rods, and the other end is hammered by hand, so that the rows are close to the inner wall and stop without protrusion when the bars are touched by hand.

Installation method of squeezing cage of screw oil press machine: put the circles with oil outlet groove face facing out of the cake circle, then put them into the circle row in sequence according to the garden sequence number, and then use the pressing nut to hold the circle row a few times less, and then install the squeezing cage of the oil press. Replace the bolts one by one and tighten them.
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