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Technological Process of Palm Kernel Oil Press

Wet fibre cake contains wet fibre and wet palm kernels, wet fibre also contains 6-7% oil and fat and some moisture. Before processing palm kernels, the nuclei and fibers should be separated. First, wet fibers and wet palm kernels are dispersed. Most of the fibers are separated by pneumatic fiber separation system. Kernel and a few fibers and large impurities are further separated by polishing drum. The separated palm kernels are sent into the nuclear warehouse through pneumatic conveying system. Then the kernels are crushed by a sheller, and most of the shells and kernels are separated by a crushing mixture separation system. The remaining shell-kernel mixture is separated into a special mud bath separation system for separation. Pure palm kernels (shell content in kernels < 6%) can be obtained through the above processes, and then dried in the drying bin of kernels. When the moisture content in kernels is 7%, the kernels are put into storage. Usually the total amount of dried kernels is 4%, so when a certain amount of kernels is collected, palm oil screw press machine will be used to press the kernels. The separated palm shell is fed into the shell silo as the standby fuel of the boiler.

After shaking screen and sand settling tank, palm crude oil is sent to the crude oil tank for heating, then pumped into the continuous clarifying tank for separation, the clarifying oil is poured into the clarifying tank, and the dirty oil is poured into the dirty oil tank. After that, the waste oil is pumped into the centrifuge for separation, and the separated oil is fed into the continuous clarifying oil tank again; the clean oil is fed into the centrifuge for dehydration, then into the vacuum dryer, and finally the dried oil is pumped into the collecting tank.
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