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Centrifugal oil filter without filter element


The oil filter is a common mechanical device,It is mainly used to filter impurities and tiny particles in oil,Thereby improving the quality and service life of oil products.The principle of the oil filter is through physical filtration.Filter out impurities and particles in the oil,So as to get clean oil.



In order to ensure the normal operation of the oil filter and prolong its service life,Routine maintenance is crucial.Here are some simple but effective oil filter maintenance methods:


Centrifugal oil filter saves manpower and time cost function

1. High-efficiency filtration: The centrifugal oil filter uses centrifugal force to separate impurities and dirt in the oil,High filtration efficiency,Can effectively remove impurities and dirt in oil,Ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection: the centrifugal oil filter does not need to use filter elements in the filtering process,No need for manual replacement and cleaning,Save manpower and time cost,At the same time, the environmental pollution caused by waste filter elements is reduced.

The oil filter is simple in design,Easy to maintain and clean.At the same time, we also provide professional after-sales service and technical support,Guarantee customer experience.

3. Reliable quality: Our oil purifiers are manufactured with high-quality materials and components,After strict quality inspection and testing,To ensure reliable product quality and long service life.

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