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Fully Automatic Hydraulic Castor Oil Press Machine

1. Scope of application

1) The castor oil press machine is suitable for small and medium-sized private oil factories (workshops) in cities, towns, townships and villages.
This machine has higher oil yield, better oil quality and higher power than other similar models.
2) Make small hydraulic press in industry to press all kinds of industrial products.

2. Performance characteristics

1. The castor oil press machine has the characteristics of no cake, high oil yield, good oil quality (clean) and high press rate, saving labor and electricity.
2. The design of castor oil press machine is advanced.

1) Fully automatic pressing, with computer control of all the action process, as long as an electronic button switch, all the pressing process is automatically completed.

2) The automatic pressing procedure is adjustable and suitable for all kinds of oils. The adjustment procedure needs professional personnel.

3) Manual operation can also be used for pressing. Manual operation can be changed from maneuvering operation to manual operation by simply pulling the switch of the electronic control box to manual position.

4) A set of manual plunger pumps is set up and connected in parallel with the pump to solve the need of shutdown voltage squeezing.

5) Easy to do: Just press the button and pull the switch, you can realize your choice. Generally, as long as the oil workers are familiar with it, they can operate it. Oil treatment before pressing is the same as conventional pressing.

6) A pull hook lifting device is set up to directly extrude biscuits, which can easily extrude dead biscuits.

7) Low labor intensity, time-saving, labor-saving, power-saving, low cost of use. This machine only needs one person to operate, only press the button, the pressing process can be completed by itself or manually, without the need to pack cakes. The pretreated oil is directly pressed into the press barrel, and the oil flows out of the micropore on the barrel. The quality is good, the heavy cake-wrapping process is removed, and the cake-wrapping materials and working hours are saved. Therefore, the efficiency and cost are high.

8) The adjustable computer action program of this machine is as follows: (Professionals are required for program adjustment)

9) Safety and reliability in use. Electric contact pressure gauge is installed in this machine. When the pressure exceeds the operating pressure (set value), the breakpoint stop working pressure of the motor does not rise, so as to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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