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Small scale oil mill, where dreams start

Recent years, food security is a big concerns, healthy oil becomes consumers’ first choice.
In a small town in western China, owner of a small oil mill is busy in working, pressing rapeseed oil and sell oil to his customers. He is satisfying with the daily income, this season is just another good season. As seller and manufacturer of the oil press machine, we witnessed his success, a success from nothing.We are very happy for what he achieved. And you too!

Sichuan Guangxin Machinery of Grain&Oil Processing Co.,Ltd is founded in year 1998, specialized in screw oil press, oil filter, oil refinery machine and auxiliary machine. For different capacity and raw material, we could provide professional solutions for customers.

What type of oil material is suitable to use screw oil press?
Oil bearing plant such as rapeseed, peanut,sunflower seed, sesame, peanut etc.

If i would like to build an oil mill to produce 2 ton rapeseed oil, what machines do i need?
Physical oil pressing is divided into hot pressing and cold pressing, they have their own advantages. Cold pressing oil is more healthy, while hot pressing has more fragrance. 

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